Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm now searching for absolutely anything that will help me to avoid unpacking and repacking a suitcase for the fourth time this month. Searching so hard that I'm updating a blog I haven't touched in a handful of months. I must say, though - in my absence you all have been very generous to continue to click in and check on me. Thanks for your support!

Is it strange that I am singing 'procrastination' to the tune of Carly Simon's 'anticipation'?! You really should here the soundtrack that plays up there - it may just scare you! And cue - 'rythym is gonna' get ya'. ......And I digress.....

I have found gainful employment since my last entry. The pros of this outweigh the cons, so I'll save my "money doesn't buy hapiness" diatribe for another day. Said employment also has me traveling on a regular basis. This sounds exciting, but it's really far from glamorous. Consider the unpack/repack situation I'm avoiding, or my 2:30 am alarm that will go off as I prepare for a 5:30am flight. Said employment has also kept my schedule and flexibility held hostage so that I haven't been able to see mi familia as often as I had grown accustomed to. Which is why I enjoy little nuggets of goodness like these when I can. Silly girly!


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